The seasons come back and these are their biomes

Playground shows the different scenarios that we can explore in the new racing game.

Since his sudden presentation in the past E3 2021 team Playground He did not stop providing new details of his eagerly awaited Forza Horizon 5And while we’ve already seen it in action and there aren’t some pictures posted yet, it’s hard not to be impressed by the realism of these latest shots, which come to show us the different biomes we’re up to competing in this racing game. Mexico.

Season changes will be different depending on the biome we are inForza Horizon 5 authors confirm that the game has been split into تقسيم 11 distinct biomes And unique, each has been ‘hard-earned’ re-created. the seasons From the year they loved so much in the previous game, they’re back, too, “but adding a new layer of variety and complexity to the experience.” What does this mean? Basically, each biome will respond differently to seasonal changes. “For example, spring means rain in the forest and farmland, while summer may bring tropical storms along the coast.”

In an expanded post published in Xbox official site You can take a look at the different biomes that we will find in Forza Horizon 5, including scenarios such as swamps with “dense vegetation” that requires us to use vehicles equipped to overcome all kinds of obstacles; or Forest, “which is more leafy than swamps and shrouded in a thick mist of heat and humidity.”

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In case you were wondering… yes, you might come across Mayan ruins in the jungle! Which will undoubtedly encourage more than one person to get lost in these natural places. Another important biome is volcanic, located in the highest area on the map, with long stretches of unexplored terrain, or even deserts.

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When we started, I had no idea that Mexico would be so good for the gameMike BrownForza Horizon 5 authors shared other interesting details in an interview with tech radar. “This time around, we knew from the start that we wanted to make the biggest Horizon game yet. We knew we were going to take an extra year of work, which We give ourselves more time […] And one area to focus on was the world, which we wanted to be gigantic,” said the series’ creative director, Mike Brown. But they didn’t want it to be just a nice, big theater; Fill it with things to see and activities to enjoy. This has been his great mission all these years.

Forza Horizon 5

“I admit that when we started thinking about the scenario, I didn’t imagine Mexico would be as good as it was,” Brown continues. “I think maybe because of the way Mexico is portrayed in pop culture and the way I think of it as a vacation destination, I haven’t really thought about the vast breadth and natural diversity that it offers.” Forza Horizon 5 launches November 9 on PC and Xbox Series X | S, and it will be available on Xbox Game Pass on the same day. Remember that if you are a new user, you can Get a month of Game Pass for 1 euro.

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