“The science of the Amigos de Cudillero is their work after thirty years”

“Proud, surprised and satisfied.” So says Juan Luis Álvarez del Busto, president of the Friends of Caudillero Association, that he feels he is three days away from collecting one of the “ConCiencia” awards given by the Parque de la Vida de Valdés. An entity led by the well-known Luis Larrea, whom this pixueto admits of his admiration and which also marks Friday, at 7:00 p.m. in the Conservatory of Music of the West, researcher Ángel Guerra, of the Institute of Naval Research in Vigo. Telmo Fernandez, Director of the Madrid Planetarium; and José Manuel González, Director of Quality at Airbus Space.

Knowledge and consciousness are two important concepts. Are they present as they should be in our society?

– In all humility, I think we in the Society of Friends of Cudillero comply with them. We have a clear conscience, because it’s our job to work for Cudillero and Asturias, and we’re doing it. On the other hand, the flag of Amigos de Cudillero is its own existence after 30 years. It is a regional standard and has its own science and philosophy (laughs).

– What is the secret of appreciating this intensive work of the association?

– There is a union between us, and there is an extraordinary group of human beings who always support me in all the undertakings that come to my mind. The prize is shared, of course, and all council members collect it. I also want to dedicate it to my grandmother, Elvira Bravo, because without her the Society would not exist as I imagine it to be.

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Amigos de Cudillero and Parque de la Vida are great ambassadors for their councils. Is there a union between both entities?

– There is complete and absolute complicity with the Parque de la Vida, call yourself Luis Laria, who is the soul of so much good that is done in the municipality of Valdés. He has always attended all our events and knows firsthand the activity of Amigos de Cudillero. I understand that this is why we have proposed the award, although in these years we have not held joint events. It is an honor for all of us to receive this award in its first edition as well.

– Luis Larrea said of you that you are “someone who has done a lot for Western Asturias for a long time” and he cited you as an example of conscientiousness…

– I can only say that it was an honor. We have received many awards over the years, personally and collectively, but this one is special, and I admit it moves me. It comes from the West, where Cudillero is the gateway to the coast, and specifically, from the Reference Council of the West in Spain. Although Cudillero is, for historical reasons, more closely associated with the Avilés region, we will never give up on being the gateway to the West. Even more so now, after this award, for which we are deeply grateful and which encourages us to continue our work.

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