The science of absurdity presents its eighth season

Every Saturday at 9 PM, National Geographic shows episodes of the eighth edition of the original Latin American production Tinker science, The series that analyzes and scientifically explains the most common failed attempts recorded and uploaded to the Internet. The downfall, failure, and mistakes of these intrepid strangers are taken as examples to explain basic concepts of science.

I am excited about this series because it delivers the perfect blend of humor and science. After eight seasons, I still appreciate being able to engage the audience in a fun and effective way to understand scientific concepts. In fact, like many others, I discovered another way to understand physics or engineering. ” Commented MarleyWho narrates and stands in front of the program from its inception. “

“We can all learn interesting and revealing facts, even from the hilarious and most popular failed stunts on the Internet.”

In this new season of 16 thirty-minute episodes, Marley analyzes countless videos about the falls and the misfortunes of some daring people trying: doing push-ups on swings, getting their hands down on ladders, paddling in waterfalls, and building trails to skate in to Home, you can back off the skis, cycle downhill in town, or snowboard without snow.

With specially designed animation and super slow motion animation, Marley scientifically explains why these tricks fail.

Every Saturday at 9 PM National Geographic presents two episodes of The Science of Absurdity, a program in which recklessness often collides with science.

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