The sci-fi movie you need to watch before it leaves Netflix

A sci-fi and zombie movie is available on Netflix, but it won’t be soon in the platform’s catalog.

It’s not easy to find a good sci-fi movie about zombies. From Cinéfilos we present the one you must see Netflixbefore May 15th, because it will not be available after a month on the platform.

Science fiction and zombie production

Melanie: The zombie apocalypse or the girl with all the gifts, as his title in English marks; It is a 2016 British production, directed by Colm McCarthy. The screenplay was written by MR Carey based on his novel of the same name. Who are the stars Senia Nanua, Gemma Arterton, Glenn Close and Paddy Considine.

In a dystopian future, society is besieged by an infectious disease that turns its victims into insatiable zombies. Humanity’s only chance lies in a group of children immune to the effects of the plague. The children are housed on a military base located in a lost town in England. There, the young are studied, Because they are able to think and feel despite their infection, while scientists search for a cure.One of these girls, Melanie, will stand out above the rest, making the future of the human race depend on her.

He won multiple awards. Among the specialized critics are comments Eric Kuhn to Indiewire: “A zombie thriller with brains (…) MR Care’s post-apocalyptic novel comes to riveting life in Colm McCarthy’s elegant adaptation” Based on Charles Gant to screendilly: “An elegantly captivating film (…) What sets The Girl With All the Gifts apart from the rest of the genre is its moral wit, sly thematic consistency, and emotional height.”

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