The Role of Research in the World of Medicine by Dr. Shivatu

“Let’s continue research to create a better world,” said the dean of the CEU School of Medicine at San Pablo University

Although we have already talked about the investigation on various occasions, I will continue to insist on this very important issue. We cannot be satisfied with the knowledge we received from our ancestors in the various fields of health. It is necessary to investigate, it is necessary to create knowledge.

The research is over alone, you have to work as a team, you have to work with different professionals from different fields. This entails cooperation from hospitals in the community to hospitals even in other countries.

But also working with universities that can provide technology that may not be available in the hospital. It is even more important that patients who do not have involuntary patients participate in this research.

We cannot conduct research that will improve the quality of life of patients suffering from various diseases. This is why there is more and more talk about research in interdisciplinary networks that make it possible to contribute the knowledge each researcher can.

It is very important, based on the personality of the lead researcher, that the PM puts together a team that allows each individual to contribute the capabilities that each individual possesses to reach the ultimate goal, which is discovery. This is why every startup business must have a business premise.

Thoroughly detail objectives, work with different materials to get results, discuss what has been published in different journals to come to conclusions, etc. The scientific method derived from the rule of the nineteenth century is still valid in this structure. Let’s keep researching to create a better world.

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