The robot worked for 20 hours without stopping, and it collapsed and fell to the ground

The robot works for 20 hours Uninterrupted, but it collapsed in the middle of the technology screen and collapsed to the ground. The video went viral on social networks.

“Digit” was giving a working demo at a fair in Chicago, United State. The robot was demonstrating that it could load the boxes and walk to the conveyor belt to put them there all of a sudden collapsed to the ground.

the Agility Robotics CompanyDigit, who built a robotic model with the intention of working by lifting crates and performing various tasks in the warehouse, is brought back to life. The robot ended up sprawled on the floor before the amazed gaze of the exhibition visitors.

As indicated by the company’s official website, Digit was designed from the ground up to go where people go and do useful work. Safely in spaces designed for people, from handling bulk materials within warehouses and distribution centers.

Weeks ago, the technological design was presented along with a demonstration of all the activities it could perform. During ProMat 2023.

There was a “fleet of Digit that completed four full days of indie demos in our replica repository work hive, in front of 45,000 in attendance“.

The company posted a video of the collapse on its Twitter account and in pictures You can see the continuous work of the robotUntil finally, as he was lifting a box, he collapsed as if exhaustion had overcome him.

“With a 99% success rate over approximately 20 hours of live performances, Digit has suffered several ProMat crashes,” the company wrote.

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Fortunately, he recovered successfully. and join their other classmates to dance,” concluded Agility Robotics.

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