The risk of sanctions against General Motors de Silao if the operation does not satisfy the American company El Financiero

Beatrice said that if North American unions and the US government were unhappy with the process of correcting the vote to legalize the collective bargaining agreement, General Motors de Silao could face sanctions from US trade authorities. Leycegui, Partner Law and Organ Economics.

The former undersecretary for foreign trade also explained, that the penalty may include denying General Motors de Silao the right to preferential treatment for exports to the United States. With this, the agreement’s zero-tariff will no longer apply, and GM’s exports originating from the T-MEC will no longer be recognized, but will apply the tariffs paid by countries outside the agreement.

“In the event of a repeat violation, they can even block the entry of exports,” he explained.

“It’s a country-to-country mechanism, and the USTR will be the one who will bring the case; if, under the fast-track mechanism, the committee determines that there is a violation, those are the sanctions that the US government can impose on those products that come from that the factory.

Workers at the General Motors plant in Silao will participate today and tomorrow in the process of legalizing the collective bargaining agreement. Experts considered that American and Canadian unions would have little room to complain about the results of the vote to legalize the collective agreement.

“With so many national and international observers there will be… I think the minimum formalities for the vote will be met. I think it can hardly be said that there is coercion in the vote”.

Eusebio Hidalgo, CEO of legal firm Ansley Consultores, deemed the monitoring system robust enough to avoid any deviation.

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