The return of electricity after Elsa caused thousands of faults in marine areas

Electricity was restored to thousands of homes and businesses Saturday morning after Tropical Storm Elsa made landfall overnight.

The storm came Heavy rain in New Brunswick and strong winds for Nova Scotia, causing more than 50,000 collapses in both provinces.

Sean Borden, Nova Scotia Power’s storm captain, was forced to stand alongside the crew Friday night due to high winds, but was later able to restore power to more than 40,000 customers in the county.

“Some strong winds that came in as part of Post-Tropical Storm Elsa were the cause of the failure, causing the plants to come into contact with our stripes,” Borden said.

As it moved east through Elsa County, the winds caused significant depressions in Bridgewater, Goldbrook, Halifax and Trudeau, Borden said.

Environment Canada reports that winds of up to 83 km/h are blowing over the Halifax region and 100 km/h over the Cape Breton skyline.

As of 12:30 p.m., about 2,000 Nova Scotia Power customers were without power, many of them in the Midwest.

“Our teams are making great strides… they work hard and energize our customers,” Borden said.

The recovery time for several crashes was reported from 2 PM to 11 PM on Saturday NS . Electric Barrier Map.

Heavy rain caused about 1,000 NB early Saturday morning. Energy customers lost power, but Most of them regain their strength قوته 9 pm

Total rainfall in Environment Canada, with the highest rainfall in Miramichi New Brunswick, was 92 mm.

“The low pressure reservoir rained scattered thunderstorms in some parts of the county rather than the humidity associated with post-tropical Elsa,” the report says. “Combine the two.” [led] Generalized rain from 50 to 100 mm. “

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Prince Edward Island, More air traveling at a speed of 70 km per hour in Some electrical impedancesMany of them have already been recreated.

According to CBC Guy Scotland meteorologist, the island received between 25 and 50 mm of rain.

In this offshore county weather map, this track shows that heavy rain and strong winds are expected throughout Friday night in Elsa. (Ryan Snowden/CBC)

Environment Canada on Friday issued rainfall warnings for New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, western Newfoundland and parts of northern Nova Scotia.

The weather agency also released a tropical cyclone report for most of Nova Scotia.

Most of the ads were removed on Saturday morning, but the rain warning remains in effect. Northern parts of Newfoundland.

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