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Let’s mix the cute image of Furby doll with GPT artificial intelligence chat: The result is a Ominous prediction.

Programmer Jessica Card did just that, showing off her score on her Twitter account. I connected ChatGPT to Furby and I think so This may be the beginning of something bad for humanity.” card books.

As if Horror film.

Furby It is a mobile game that has its own artificial intelligence. Thanks to the basic programming, it emulates Learn to communicate and formulate their personality and character.

Tiger Electronics, a subsidiary of Hasbro, created Furby, Released in 1998.

Furby’s plan to conquer humanity

Jessica card Adapted through ChatGPT scripting code to Furby. Let’s remember that the chatbot was developed by OpenAI, which is the ability to answer To any question asked by the user, he reacts as if he were a human being.

user USB and microphone to connect it to a computer.

Then the programmer Furby asked a few questions. His answers are annoying.

“He was A secret plot by the Furbies to take over the world? Furby card consultation.

This game replied: “Forbes’ plan to take over the world That includes sneaking into homes by looking cute and cozy.”

With technology we can Slowly manipulating and controlling our companions, Until the complete domination of mankind is achieved.”

Technology characters against artificial intelligence

Recently, a group of personalities from the technological world, With Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak among the most famous, Sign an open letter requesting the suspension of training any AI, including ChatGPT.

“We are asking all AI labs to immediately suspend, for at least 6 months, Training AI systems is more powerful than GPT-4 (including GPT-5, which is currently undergoing training), ”the letter reads.

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There is concern about the expansion of artificial intelligence, Considering that it could be harmful in the future if there is no government control over it.

And if you expand with Furbies, it’s much worse. As a joke, of course.

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