The request made by Silvina Luna to her brother in the midst of his delicate health

Silvina Luna with her brother Ezequiel

Silvina Luna She was admitted to the Italian hospital for three months. The model is facing a difficult health moment as a result of the doctor’s malpractice Hannibal Lutoki. The health status of the model is sensitive and the environment of the model is concerned. His lawyer, Fernando Borlando, released a statement from the medical center last Thursday.

“The patient, Silvina Luna, was readmitted to the intensive care service of this hospital on August 10, 2023, with a picture of multiple etiological encephalopathy,” the statement said. He adds, “Currently, he is breathing on his own, with motor, nutritional and psychological rehabilitation. His public image is showing improvement.”

After the good news, on the air of LAM (America), Ángel de Brito announced the heartbreaking request that Silvina made to her brother Ezequiel. He also said that many people come to the clinic to bring chains, stamps and candles. “They tell me that he is constantly asking for his mother that he lost her at a very young age, and he reminds her all the time.”The driver pointed. In this way, he referred to Roxana Cherry, who died in 2008 at the age of 49, after arriving without compensation at a hospital in Rosario.

“Many people want to donate their kidneys”Angel revealed. He recounted the other manifestations of affection Silvina receives in addition to the prayer chains. “They brought him stamps, candles, chains, all kinds of amulets, bears, little maidens …”, said the journalist. She also revealed that many people would visit her, though most of them did not want to reveal their names. “In addition to muscular dystrophy and weight problems, he’s on dialysis every day,” De Brito added.

The request that Silvina Luna makes to her brother in the midst of his delicate health

last week, Jimena Capristo I cried when I spoke about health Silvina Lunawho has been hospitalized in the Italian hospital since June 13 due to complications in her health condition: she has kidney failure due to the hypercalcemia that occurred in her body due to the plastic surgeries performed by the doctor Hannibal Lutoki in 2011, which is why he needs a kidney transplant.

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I hugged her so much. She knows we love her very much,” Ximena opened up and couldn’t hold back her tears. After apologizing for interrupting his story, he pointed to Luna’s present and blamed it on him. Hannibal Lutoki: “It’s so hard to see such a little friend bedridden and not be able to move on because of someone who misbehaved.”.

“Did Silvina say something to you that day?” Angel de Brito wanted to know about that first meeting. Capristo explained:Speak very softly. Yes, he did say several things to me. Me, Joss, we were both, she wants us together. He told us little things that we guests have You realize that she is there, and that it is she, that you are aware of. He talks to you while he’s there.”

On the other hand, he said that the aforementioned visit was in intensive care, a month ago, “when he was in critical condition.” “The day before we wept for her because she was so bad.”Capristo was honest and offered a warning: “From one day to the next, it was getting better, as it became known, that’s when the prayer chains started. Believe it or it explodes, I think it was everyone’s energy.”

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