The reporter suffered a stroke while presenting the news

jolly chin shocked Television American after submissionbeginning brain attack While driving on Saturday 3rd September a newsletter KJRH Series in Tulsa, Oklahoma. suddenly , journalist started to present Difficulties To spell out words while trying to read the teleprompter. “I’m sorry, something is happening to me this morning”Chen warned. Despite her efforts, she remained stuck and was taken to the hospital for a diagnosis of the unexpected anomaly.

“I’m sorry, something is happening to me this morning and I apologize…let’s go ahead and go to meteorologist Annie Brown,” The journalist managed to pronounce in the broadcast, although she still did not know why she was upset.

through your account Facebookthe driver explained what happened: “The past few days are still a bit mysterious, but My doctors think I had a stroke on Saturday morning. Some of you have seen it live, and I’m so sorry it happened.” In fact, before her hospitalization, Julie Chen apologized off-camera for her “stumbling” live.

Chen added, “It seems like the episode came out of nowhere. I was feeling really good before our show.”

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However, over the course of several minutes during our newsletter, things started happening. First, partial vision was lost in one eye. A little later my hands and arms went numb. So I knew I was in big trouble when My mouth didn’t utter the words which was right in front of me at the teleprompter,” he elaborated on to his Facebook followers community.

Twitter @JulieChin

Julie Chen: “Words Won’t Come Out”

The host of Saturday’s bulletin continued to cover the news Chilling episode For the audience: “If you guys are watching on Saturday mornings, you know how hard I tried to make the show forward, but the words wouldn’t come out.”

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As dedicated words Thank you my colleagues: “My co-workers are aware of the emergency and Call 911. Ann, Jordan, TJ and Caden, I am so grateful for your quick move. I’ve always said that I work for the best team, and that’s another reason.”

Julie Chen 20220906
Twitter @JulieChin

After medical examinations, it was found that Chen fortunately did not have a complete stroke.

At this point, doctors think so I had a strokeBut it’s not a complete stroke.”

To educate citizens, women remember The first “signs” or symptoms Pay close attention to: “It’s not always obvious when someone has a stroke, and action is critical. This acronym helps determine which symptoms to look for: be quick And then, if necessary, be quick and Call 911.”

The above abbreviations refer to the following concepts: Balance (sudden loss of balance), eyes (sudden changes in vision), Face (face sagging), arms (arm “falling down” or moving down), Speech (confused speech) time (Time) A severe headache. Before these signs appear, it is necessary to seek urgent medical attention.


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