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Filming for the movie “Wrestling Stars” ended yesterday with a meeting between iconic wrestlers and their translators.

From the wrestling side, attendees were: Carlitos Colon, Savio Vega “TNT”, Hugo Savinovich, Czech Star, El Invader and Victor Juvica, among others; Together with their representatives, they are Olympic wrestler Jaime Espinal; Juan Pablo Diaz Luis Pons, Osvaldo Friger, Carlos Vega and Edgar Cuevas.

Espinal was trained in acting by Mariana Quills. In the past, I took lessons with Daniela Drews. He worked in the movie María and with Teatro Breve.

“It’s an honor for me, I grew up watching wrestling, I wanted to become a wrestler. I grew up imitating them at home, which no one is supposed to do, jumping on the bed,” Espinal revealed, before mentioning that as part of filming, he was able to Doing stunts thanks to his training, but he” took a few hits”.

For his part, Puerto Rican acrobat, as Colón is known, commented on the Olympic silver medalist. “He looks a lot like me, it’s a great honor that he plays with me. I gave him advice, to be very careful, he has a very big responsibility, and I know he will do a great job.”

Bringing a piece of local wrestling history to the big screen brought a huge advantage to Kowloon.

“I feel proud that generations who did not know Carlitos Colon, the conquistadors and the doctors, will now know us. The work done by these actors has been tremendous. It is a ‘great ‘boost’ for wrestling,” emphasized Colon. speaker.

It took director Eduardo “Transfor” Ortiz and the production team four years to raise funds for filming, logistics, obtaining permits and getting wrestlers and actors ready to train.

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“The movie is ‘autobiographical’ (autobiographical). I would indirectly say it is the second part of Vico C, which was based on the story of Vico. Wrestling has the same language because they are real people and we will play their victories, their dark ages and their mortals. Let’s see what life was like for them behind the cameras, how they suffered with each other, with their families and with fans.The director explained that they would see a face they had never thought of.

The script was written by Julio Roman, director of photography Wayne Fernandez and producer Cathy Garcia. It was his most comprehensive depiction. It started in April and took a total of 35 days; When their average is 22. They photographed in gardens and fields in Caguas, Aguas Buenas, Moraves, Bayamon and Carolina to recreate the past as closely as possible.

It will open in local theaters in 2022, possibly between September and December. In addition, they will export it to the United States and Latin America.

“It’s a very comprehensive movie, with editing and special effects because the actors wouldn’t do the same thing the real fighters did. At that time in the ’80s, they were throwing themselves off scaffolding, they were slashing our heads. A lot of us are recreating stadiums filled with 20,000 to 30,000 people.” When the audience sees it, they will be very happy with the result,” Ortiz said.

They are looking for a resurgence of wrestling

Production plans are ambitious, so much so that they envision pumping strength into wrestling.

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“It’s based on the golden age of wrestling, which was in the ’80s and early ’90s. Right now, it’s not quite on the same level, but based on our experience when Vico came out, it was a comeback in his career. And he filled two colescues. There will be a comeback for fans of wrestling. Wrestling, both here and in the US. The movie is going to be huge in terms of reception and we have no doubts about that,” he told Transfer.

Five movies on the way

Ortiz has five additional films to show in theaters. He will start in December with El karaoke, his first thriller. In 2022, it will give way to Al reverse (Angelique Burgos and Obie Bermúdez), El quinceañero de mi abuela (Johanna Rosalie and Monica Pastrana), Los Domirriqueños 3 and Foodtruckeros.

“I’m designing a series for live broadcast, Soprano series, Goodfellas movie, more local. The comedy has done so well for me that I’m trying new waters. I want to prove myself now in gangster and mafia movies, which I didn’t have before. It happens sometime in 2022.”

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