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Discovery at sea Indonesia The world was surprised: it is A mutant shark with a human face.

Of all the creatures you can find in the water, this one left one fisherman his name Abdullah Noreen, 48, who decided to go to Note Ndao, Nusa Tenggara.

The man had accidentally caught a shark in his net and when he opened his stomach, he noticed three kittens about to be born.

One of them is the hero of this story. It is a small, human-looking shark, with two large, round eyes.

At first I found a mother shark that had been caught in a trawl net.Noreen recounted and continued: “The next day, she broke her stomach and found three children in her stomach.”

The two were like a mother, and the latter seemed to have a human face. ” The hunter added.

Later, he took the baby shark home and with the help of his family managed to preserve it. He said that some of his neighbors offered to buy it, but he refused.

“My house is full of people who want to see a shark.”Noreen said. “Lots of people would like to share it, but I will keep it. I think it will bring me good luck. “ is over.

Video of a surprising little shark with a human face

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