The puzzle that helps maintain and exercise attention: Solving this exercise can bring us closer to our goals with greater success

Executive functions are critical for proper functioning in daily life. “They are the ones that allow us to work, study and achieve the things we set out to do on a daily basis. The best way to practice them is to do the exercise that INECO and Infobae provide in this note.

Many times he talked about it How important is planning and organizing for certain situations to achieve goals. Without going any further, with the pandemic, we’ve practiced a little more Watching our behavior to achieve those ends. It’s not just about being alert, it’s about being alert.

But, What are executive functions? This is a general term referring to A variety of different capabilities that allow planning, organizing, directing and controlling our behavior To achieve the goals.

Why is it important to practice it? Executive functions are critical for proper functioning in daily life. “Are these It allows us to work, study, and achieve the things we set out to do on a daily basis.From leaving the house at a certain time to making a strategic action plan,” they say Infobae From the Department of Neuropsychology at INECO.

Some of the processes that are part of the executive functioning are Organizing, planning, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control, among others.

Attention is always the primary focus for these types of jobs (Getty Images)
Attention is always the primary focus for these types of jobs (Getty Images)

The main elements covered by executive functions are: Anticipating and developing attention, impulse control and self-regulation, mental flexibility and use of feedback, planning and organizing, effective choice of strategies for problem solving and control.

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However,Attention It is always central to this type of job. What do we understand by interest? “It is a complex function involved in obtaining and maintaining alert states, orientation toward stimuli, selection of stimuli and events, and organization and direction of thought. The interest is present in all the activities we do during the day, from watching TV, having a conversation, reading the newspaper, finding keys at home, reading email, driving, etc. For this reason, it is important that you practice it, Because failure to pay attention in addition to greatly affecting daily performance, will also affect the proper functioning of others Cognitive domains such as memory‘, they explain from INECO.

Playing sports

There is an exercise in mindfulness. From the Department of Neuropsychology at INECO they present the following exercise which consists of Make as many words as possible by joining letters.

The only rule is that words can only be formed with letters connected directly by a line. For example, you can join the “Fifth” With the “a”, but not the “Fifth” with the “NS”. You can use the same letter repeatedly. As long as this rule is respected.

In this example, the component word is: “one thousand”.

There are different models that attempt to explain the systems that make up attention, and to identify specific neural networks that are activated when we perform certain tasks. Other models, such as the Sohlberg and Mateer model, divide attention into different types: Sustainable, concentrated or eclectic, divided and alternating.

Suggested practice exercises Constant and focused attention. This is related to the ability to maintain attention activity for a long period of time, While The second relates to the ability to select, highlight, or focus on important stimuli or ideas at a particular moment, while others are prohibited.

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Today we are faced with more distractions than ever before in human history. Some studies show thatWe can only work 40 seconds in front of our computer before we get distracted or distracted.

Each time the person is distracted, they then return to the task they were doing. But this does not happen immediately if the exit from what one does is complete: for example, If the appearance of an email in your inbox makes you go and read it or the memory of the question leads to a search engine and search. We spend an average of 26 minutes paying attention to this distraction.

Why is it important to practice attention?

attention It is a very important cognitive process Since then, other cognitive processes can function normally. Since we are a limited ability, that is, we cannot pay attention to a large number of things at the same time, it is important to train it to be able to pay attention to those things that interest us.

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