The province strongly recommends the use of a chin strap in the face of the increase in Covid-19 cases

The Governoratethrough the Ministry healtha new meeting of experts on Friday to assess the epidemiological situation related to COVID-19 and seasonal respiratory illness, due to increased cases and demand for care, in the past two weeks.

After the meeting, face-to-face and virtually, the Minister of Health, Sonia Martorano, summarized the main outcomes of the meeting and the county’s guidelines at this time. “After meeting with experts, we concluded that given the situation, indoor chin strap use becomes critical. As one of the most effective ways to prevent the increased infection of the Coronavirus, its high transmissibility, and respiratory disease consultations.”

Marturano later stressed that the province “recommends Strongly use chinstrap especially in health, education and transportation use, But also in any enclosed space where we cannot guarantee good ventilation.”

In turn, he noted that Covid-19 testing points are still enabled and insisted on the advice to complete vaccination schedules with boosters, or start those not started. Test points across Santa Fe County are open. It can be consulted on the county’s website or submitted spontaneously. In this regard, the minister said, for the time being, no medical indication is required in any way.

“We appeal to everyone’s conscience, and insist on the importance of having the relevant booster dose, whether it be the third or fourth, put in place automatically in all vaccination centers as soon as 120 days have passed since the previous vaccination. For those who have not applied any, it is always time to do so. There are enough vaccines, the minister said, stressing: “We remind the whole community that we have proven that vaccination prevents dangerous forms, hospitalizations, and deaths from Covid-19.”

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The authorities are there

Health Minister Jorge Prieto also participated in the meeting. Regional Director for Quality, Regulation and Supervision for the Third Level of Attention, Rodrigo Mediavilla; Director of Epidemiology, Carolina Kudus, and leaders on the topic, Florencia Galati and Gabriella Encinc. as well as Fabian Fay, from the Cibic Lab; Pedro Flynn, of District Hospital and Oroño Group; Alejandra Guido (Cemafe, FCM UNL); Daniel Ravel of the 1st District College of Physicians; Angela Pregion, of the College of Circle Physicians; Larissa Carrera, from UNL’s FCM.

Similarly, by the Argentinean Society of Pediatrics, Omar Tabkou; By Pami, Giorgina Cassinieri and Osvaldo Tiglia and Guillermo Weisbord of the Pan-American Open University; Hospital authorities: Gilda Tamagno of Centennial Hospital. Marcella Vera Blanche Marcella, of Centennial Regional Hospital.

Also participating in the meeting were former ministers and ministers: Miguel Cabello, Miguel Gonzalez, Andrea Uboldi and Oscar Rubio Galli.

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