The project will be revitalized to create a center for high-complexity nuclear medicine in Salta

Through a tripartite agreement signed by the provincial government, the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) and the Argentine company INVAP, a world leader in technological projects, the goal is to expand medical scientific capabilities for the diagnosis and treatment of oncological, cardiac and neurological diseases, among others.

During a virtual meeting in which the Minister of Mining and Energy at the Ministry of Production and Sustainable Development participated, Flavia Royonelectric power manager Jorge Giobergia Representing the Undersecretary for Science and Technology, Fatima SyriaIn Salta, the project to build a center for high-complexity nuclear medicine was presented.

It was agreed to develop technical cooperation to familiarize the center, train human resources, and use property for radioisotope production facilities.

The CNEA authorities have highlighted the importance of the project to the NOA region and the need to train the technical and technical personnel necessary for the agency’s future operation, which is essential to start training early.

With regard to academic training, it has been proposed to install a master’s degree in Medical Physics, as one of the relevant professions within the project.

They participated in the virtual meeting, Maria Fernanda DominguezAnd the Ferdinand LorenikAnd the Gustavo Santa CruzAnd the Maria Fernanda RodriguezAnd the Jeswana Escorp, from the CNEA Administration. And also director of the Balseiro Institute, Daniel Domingand Director of the Institute, Dan Benenson Juan Carlos Fornari.

MSc in Medical Physics

One of the professional offers expected to be developed in the governorates. The MSc in Medical Physics is a course jointly developed by the Balseiro Institute and the Mendoza Foundation for Nuclear Medicine (FUESMEN), which was established in 2003.

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It is a widely recognized academic training with a research program in medical applications of physics and engineering developed at the Bariloche Atomic Centre, with concrete practice in the clinical environment conducted at FUESMEN.

Medical physics consists of the application of physical methods to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. Its application covers nuclear medicine, radiodiagnostics, radiotherapy, medical image processing and radioprotection, among others, including at a more advanced level, neurosciences and nanomedicine.

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