The prestigious brand that hired Marcus as its image

Owner of singular calm, he was distinguished by his moderate character, always showing himself thoughtful, thinking every action and every word highly calculated without ever seeking to conflict with his comrades. He proved to be kind-hearted and this made the crowd quickly adopt him as everyone’s favourite, winning the competition beyond doubt from start to finish.

However, in addition to her personality and way of being, she was also distinguished by her physical beauty. With unique, distinctive and noticeable facial features. Always very elegant appearance, physical demeanor befitting an athlete, he graces each of his performances and makes the female audience fall in love with him.

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Marcos from Big Brother on his trip to Uruguay

And now outside the home, the young man from Salta has signed a formidable contract with a very important company of international renown, for which he has become the younger brother of all those who passed home last season. The contract was signed at the beginning of the week in Montevideo, Uruguay, on a trip he took.

El Primo, who charges $4,000 for his presence, came to the nearby beach for an event. There he received a tempting proposal.

According to Ángel de Brito, Marcos will model for the H&M chain, the Swedish multinational clothing store with stores in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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