The president will seek support in Europe while setting his sights on the International Monetary Fund and the Paris Club

President Alberto Fernandez Today he will leave for Portugal, Spain, France and Italy, where he will meet Pope Francisco In a round whose main objectives are to add significant support to the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (International Monetary Fund) And achieve a postponement of payment Maturity with Paris Club.

In the presidential delegation, the presence of the Minister of Economy is highlighted. Martin Guzman That concluded The hardest week From his management since taking charge of the Palacio de Hacienda. Another purpose of the trip was to strengthen Guzmán, who had suffered several defeats in a row.

Pope Francisco Alberto Fernandez and his wife in the Apostolic PalaceNation

The time for negotiation in Argentina is running out. Fernandez and Guzmán have time until the end of June to write off $ 2.1 billion, otherwise, they will default. 20 days ago, the official met with the president of the Paris Club, Emmanuel Mullen He asked with him time to “identify measures that would prevent a negative blow to the Argentine economy.”

The biggest complication, which the head of state will seek to solve upon his visit to the French capital, is that the 22 creditors that make up that body are calling on the government to agree on a program with the International Monetary Fund in order to reach the extension.

The trip will take place in the middle Internal tension From the Todos front after the relationship between Guzmán and the chariot Federico Baswaldo The ruling party sought to decompress the “image of unity” in which the President of the Republic, Vice President Christina Kirchner, and Parliament Speaker Sergio Massa participated last Wednesday.

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In addition, among the various issues that the president and economics minister will have to explain, the difficult project Kirchnerism, headed by Oscar Barrelli, also seems so that the $ 4.7 billion that Argentina received from the IMF is far from strategy. From Casa Rosada, to direct relocation plans like IFE, which Guzmán took out of the 2021 budget.

In this scenario, the president’s first destination would be Lisbon. The entourage, also made up of the first lady, Fabiola Yanez Advisor Philip Sola Strategic Affairs Secretary, Gustavo Bellez Secretary General of the Presidency. Julio Vittobello, And the presidential spokesperson, Juan Pablo BiondiToday, Sunday afternoon, the President of the Republic is received at the National Palace in Bethlehem Marcelo Nuno Duarte Rebelo de Souza. The next morning, Fernandez will meet the Prime Minister Antonio Luis Santos da Costa.

That same afternoon, he will leave for Madrid. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, he will have a meeting King Philip VI Then lunch with Pedro Sanchez In the Palacio de la Moncloa.

Meeting Alberto Fernandez and Emmanuel Macron in Paris
Meeting Alberto Fernandez and Emmanuel Macron in ParisReuters

According to the official agenda, Fernandes will have lunch on Wednesday at the Eliseu Palace with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron With whom, they assert, near Fernandez, that he maintains “an excellent political relationship and a wonderful personal relationship.” Fernandez will seek the express endorsement of the French president.

Finally, on Thursday, the Holy Father will welcome the President to the Vatican. This will be the first time they will meet face to face after abortion is legalized. On the other hand, Guzmán had an audience with Francisco just over a month ago. After that, Fernandez will hold a meeting with President Sergio Mattarella and the tour will conclude with a meeting with the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi. On Friday he will return to Buenos Aires.

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As the Foreign Ministry made clear, the president’s agenda is to “strengthen bilateral relations, expand markets and agreements in the field of science, technology and education.”

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