The President received the Argentine Ambassador to the United States

President Alberto Fernandez received today in his office in Casa Rosada the Ambassador of Argentina to the United States, Jorge Arguelo, with whom he reviewed the various aspects of the bilateral relationship with the North American power and the situation in multilateral organizations, as it was official. mentioned.

During the meeting, President Arguello – who is also responsible for coordinating the multilateral political and credit spaces – addressed the agenda of the Ninth Summit of the Americas to be held in Los Angeles, California, next June.

This meeting takes place every three years and brings together Heads of State and Government from all over the continent.

The President and the Ambassador also discussed the 17th G-20 Summit to be held in Indonesia on 15-16 November, where Arguelo is serving as the Sherpa of Argentina before that multilateral organization.

Later and on his Twitter account, Alberto Fernandez himself highlighted the meeting with the ambassador.

“With JorArguello, Argentina’s ambassador to the US, we reviewed aspects of the bilateral relationship and the agenda for the Ninth Summit of the Americas to be held in June. We also talked about the #G20 in Indonesia, where Ambassador Sherpa is working for our country.”

In an interview with Tellam, Arguelo indicated that it was one of the “routine” personal meetings that he holds periodically with Alberto Fernandez to report to him on the bilateral relationship with Washington and to review the status of the multilateral political and credit areas. .

The latter included, on this occasion, an analysis of the “consequences” of the decision of the IMF Board of Directors regarding the approval of the agreement to refinance the debt of 45 thousand million dollars with the organization headed by Kristalina Georgieva, which was seized by the government of Mauricio Macri in 2018.

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“I have regular personal meetings once a month or every 40 days with the President to discuss and review the many diverse issues on the bilateral agenda with the United States, which is a rapidly expanding and growing agenda,” he told this agency. Ambassador in Washington.

Arguelo specified that, on this occasion, the “strong points, points of progress” of the bilateral relationship with the Joe Biden administration were discussed.

He also confirmed that with the president, “we reviewed the consequences of the IMF board’s decision regarding the agreement with the organization.”

Among other aspects of the agenda that he reviewed with the head of state, he also mentioned “the situation that has arisen within the G-20 since the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” where “there are different issues to be analyzed there” because it is “a very lively and dynamic agenda.”

In addition to occupying the Argentine Embassy in Washington, Argüello coordinates the multilateral credit and political spaces (the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, the Organization of American States, and the United Nations) as well as the G-20.

The ambassador noted that during a meeting this afternoon in Casa Rosada, he also spoke with the President about the upcoming Ninth Summit of the Americas, of which the United States will be the host.

“This summit should bring together the heads of state and government of all countries in the region. No progress has been made so far in sending out invitations, but it is also an issue that I am following up with the State Department” in the United States.

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Finally, Arguelo noted, “We have spoken with the president on all these issues and I will speak with him again in a month to discuss the same issues, but with an appropriate update.” (blameable)

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