The president met with Chinese businessmen and raised concerns in the United States

The announcement of the meeting, in the middle of the Casa Rosada, raised alarms and confirmed the fears of the United States and allied countries about the growth of Chinese influence, in this case linked to the control of the Islamic State. Paraná-Paraguay Waterwaythrough which 80 percent of the country’s agricultural export production passes.

president Alberto Fernandez Today he met in his office in Balcarce 50 with the executives of the Chinese company Wuhan Yangluo Port Service Co., Ltd.Co., Ltd., engaged in port services in Wuhan port. The company is also dedicated to “Import and Export of Goods, Handling of Goods, Warehousing Services, Transport Information Services, Investment in Transport Infrastructure Projects, Real Estate Services, Real Estate Development, Property Management,” according to reports in their social networks.

The president, who was delicate and smiling, entered the Casa Rosada, accompanied by the female spokeswoman Gabriela Cerrutiwho accompanied him to the meeting with Chinese businessmen and officials from that country’s embassy in Argentina.

In the official statement, the government stated that the meeting, “The Job opportunities and investment development in the country in terms of tourismThey also specified that “the president spoke with executives about the possibility of establishing direct flights between the two countries, and implementing a virtual portfolio in Argentina for tourism coming from China, along with other investment opportunities.” The company’s president, Xu Baowei, led the visiting delegation.

Immediately, all eyes turned to the General Administration of Ports (AGP), the state company that currently runs the Waterway, while Belgium’s Jan de Nul handles the dredging and signaling of the main waterway, through which products arrive and leave Argentina’s ports. Sources close to the AGP headed by the Patria Institute technologist, Jose Penny, They disowned the meeting, and added that they did not know the company’s background.

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A month ago, ambassadors Mark Stanley (USA) f Carl Dahin (Belgium) was depicted in front of the massive Jan de Nul cliff located in the province of Corrientes, in a wink that was interpreted as a warning of Chinese advance on the waterway.

Ambassadors Mark Stanley and Carl Dahin in a section of the waterway.

Introduced in 2021 Chinese state-owned company bid Building Chinese contacts a company (CCCC), listed in the Consortium of Transit Companies (UTE) to bid for the waterway, was rejected by the AGP due to a lack of basic information. Dredging and pilotage, the judicial precautions, continued in the hands of Jan de Nul, although the AGP (one of the few state companies to provide a surplus) was left in charge of the strategic collection of tolls from ships.

There is some concern in the United States that Alberto Fernandez, before leaving office, entrusted a new tender to the AGP by decree enabling China to return to toll works meant to manage the water highway. At the moment, the National Authority for the Monitoring and Management of Navigable Waterways (Ecovina), based in Rosario and created two years ago, is responsible for implementing the new tender, which has expired for more than two years.

Outside the waterway, US concern extends to areas such as the fight for eventual 5G access in telecoms, or China’s intention to sell fighter jets to the country, an issue discussed by the defense secretary. Jorge Taiana With, each in turn, representatives of the two powers that today compete for world domination.

In its intention to advance the Argentine ports scheme, it is the main operator in the port of Paranagua, in the south of Brazil, through three companies, and in the recent past it has already tried to maintain the port of Aguas Profundas in the city of Buenos Aires Punta Indio-, China is considered an ally of the Argentine ambassador to China, Sabino Vaca Narvaga. “In three or four years, China will replace Brazil and become Argentina’s main trading partner,” Vaca Narvaja said, in February last year and after the presidential visit to China, part of a tour that included the passing of the recalled Fernandez. Russia and his promise Russian President Vladimir Putin To become a “gateway” to Moscow in the region.

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Need dollars to boost international reserves, and in the midst of a battle against inflation, the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, He is planning a trip to China next Monday 29th, with two goals: to expand the swap (exchange) of currencies and to obtain permission from BRICS (it is the abbreviation of BRICS to refer jointly to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). In order for loans to reach the country.

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