The presence of Mexicans in international organizations is decreasing

With the departure of Alejandro Werner of the International Monetary Fund and José Angel Gurria of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (Organization for Economic Cooperation and DevelopmentThe continued decline in the presence of Mexican officials in key positions in international organizations.

Experts from Panamericana University’s School of Government and Economics and MAAT Business Consulting agree that both were the country’s top notch in international organizations.

They both agreed that they both had the advantage of knowing from within all the processes and procedures of an emerging economy that had gone through many internal crises and both had experience in solving problems in real time.

Gabriel Perez del Peral, a professor and researcher at the School of Government and Economics at Panamericana University, said the reference for the Mexican track in resolving crises and dealing with economic emergencies is diminishing.

The expert explains, “Both officials have widely recognized technical skills when they arrive at Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development And the International Monetary FundBecause it undoubtedly influenced world politics, with an emphasis on the Mexican experience. “

In conclusion, Mexico It has lost an important position it held for decades through its presence in relevant positions in international organizations.

I also add that the IMF is losing out with Werner To an exceptional economist committed to promoting stability in Latin America.

MAAT Asesores consulting partner and former Banco de México official, Federico Robley Stressed that position Werner In the IMF, this is very important as it has directed all Latin American countries to propose, implement, supervise and advise on fiscal and monetary policies throughout the region that help to enhance economic stability.

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He added that the International Monetary Fund was losing out to Werner as an exceptional economist committed to promoting stability in Latin America.


With Gurría the membership of the organization increased. On reaching the entity, the number of member states was 31, of which four were emerging economies; Now that he has left, the membership is from 38 countries, including eight emerging countries and three from Latin America, and Brazil is waiting to accept it.

Perez del Peral also points to the OECD’s insistence on bringing in large multinational corporations to respond financially to provide their services. A case in which the foundation has not given up and is about to bear fruit.

At the International Monetary Fund, under the leadership of Werner, the provision of rapid financing to the countries of the region has been accelerated after the shock of the epidemic. Mechanisms that were usually directed at the occurrence of natural disasters.

Thanks to his intervention, 21 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean received 61% of the financial support that was released in an extraordinary and rapid way in the crisis due to the pandemic of 110.462 million issued by the Fund. And 21 Latin American countries received $ 68,287 million in support.

The Islamic Development Bank, the missed opportunity

Robley pointed to Mexico’s missed opportunity to lead the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which was rejected by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s government.

The Mexican government had the opportunity to support Werner in his nomination to head the Islamic Development Bank. He was a good contender and was quick to say that Mexico had no candidate. Instead, he promoted Jesus Side’s support for the World Trade Organization, as the candidate was very weak. “

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As the President of the Islamic Development Bank, Mauricio Claver Caroni, explained to El Economista when he was a candidate, the United States government proposed to Mexico to nominate the next Islamic Development Bank leader and even provided him with a list of potential candidates with Werner and Santiago Levy for the head. But the president of Mexico refused their support and preferred to join Argentina’s candidacy, Claver Caroni said in August 2020.


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