The Premier League has created a 1,670-mile tourism activity…

It is said that football stirs emotions, as well as more recently travelers. The English Premier League is the most followed football league in the world and the best seller of audiovisual rights abroad, a landmark that has allowed it to gain visibility beyond British borders and also attracts tourists. And the evidence is England’s premier football division generated £1.4 billion (€1.67 billion) in tourism in 2019. It is 84% ​​higher than it was ten years ago, according to the report Football tourism in the UK.

The Premier clubs attracted 1.5 million visitors Who bought a ticket to a live match, or the same: 4% of travelers went to the match. In total, they joined 15.7 million overnight stays, which is 5% of the total.

It’s not that the tourists specifically traveled to the UK to see a game, but rather that they bought a ticket, according to the report by Visit Britain. Which is that fans who watched football spent an average of 10 nights in the UK, more than the average number of visitors. Evidence of the prime minister’s tourism impact is that travelers to one of his stadiums spent £909 (1,077) per visit, 31% more than the average visitor. Yes, the average daily spending was below average: 87 pounds (103 euros) versus 98 pounds.

But where do the tourists come from? The Republic of Ireland tops the ranking of football visitors to the UK; Followed by Germany and the United States. In North American country, Six out of ten travelers who went to the Premier League bought tickets before traveling, So they are already on British soil with a strong intention to live the European football experience On site.

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The ranking changes if it comes to travel expenses, and a clear relationship is established between countries with high purchasing power, Qatar tops the list with 118 million pounds (139 million euros) in 2019; These visits to English stadiums to watch a match, followed by the United States with 115 million pounds (136 million euros) and China, with 108 million pounds (128 million euros). It is not trivial, because they are faraway destinations and the cost of the trip is higher. And of course the Netherlands, a country close to the United Kingdom, ranks fifth in the ranking after Australia and ahead of the United Arab Emirates.

Another peculiarity of a traveler who watched football on the field is his youth: 27% are between 25 and 34 years old. It is the most significant age group, followed by 24% of those aged 35-44 years. Although visits to the UK are more balanced by age, there is a much larger difference in terms of gender, given that men cover almost the entire statistic 87%, women barely make up 17%.

On the other hand, a quarter (23%) of those who attended a football match declared that their main reason for visiting the UK was to “watch sports”, with; 353,000 visits. The vast majority of those who attended the match were due to the state of tourists and supporters of one of the clubs in the country and took advantage of their vacation time for the match, while 6% traveled for commercial reasons, equivalent to 94,000 visits. It ended up going to a football match.

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Compared to other sports disciplines, Football was the sport that attracted the most tourists, Followed by cricket, the system that generated the most spending. It has moved nearly four times as much as cricket and is the next highest paying live sport; By contrast, marathons and motorsports were the least spent in this group.

Old Trafford, United Nations Dream theater very profitable

93% of trips that included a Premier League match took place in EnglandScotland, Northern Ireland and Wales shared the remaining 7%. The most frequent destination was Old Trafford, They were selected by 226,000 tourists, and thus moved more business than anyone else, at an associated cost of £225 million (€266 million); Next is Anfield, which attracted 213,000 viewers. Emirates, Wembley, Tottenham Hotspur and Stamford Bridge also attracted large audiences with over 100,000 views in 2019.

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