The Pope will meet with comedians from all over the world: who is the Argentine who will participate in the meeting?

Next Friday, June 14th Francisco will meet comedians and actors from all over the worldWith the aim of promoting “the message of peace, love and solidarity,” according to the Vatican “Establish a relationship” with artists.

On the same day of his trip to Puglia to attend the summit of the heads of state of the seven major democracies (G7), the Pontiff will hold various meetings with artists, actors, comedians, and even… Comedian Malina Ginzburg will participateThe only Argentinean invited so far.

The Vatican explained that “the meeting between the Pope and comedians around the world aims to celebrate the beauty of human diversity and promote the message of peace, love and solidarity.”

In the extensive list of guests, name Stephen Merchant – Co-writer and co-director of the TV series the desk– American talk show host Conan O'Brien and American actress Whoopi Goldbergant.

In total, the list includes 67 Italian comedians and 22 others from different countries such as France, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, the United Kingdom and Spain.

The Vatican indicated through an official statement that the meeting that took place “Organized jointly by the Vatican Department for Culture and Education and the Vatican Department for Communications”. It will take place at the Apostolic Palace at 8:30 a.m. and seeks to “establish a connection” between the Catholic Church and artists.

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