The Pope goes to reconciliation with the peoples of Canada

The international spotlight once again focused on Vatican. This time, to announce a new trip that Baba Francisco a CanadaTo follow up on the charges brought against him catholic church in that country.

According to a statement issued by the Holy See, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops He who issued invitation, which was finally approved by the Pope, but still without an official date.

“The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has invited the Pope to make an Apostolic Journey to the country, also in the context of the pastoral process of the reconciliation with the Aboriginal villagesIt was read in the office.

In this regard, although no more has been specified about the activities of the Pope, it is expected that with this visit the Pope will hold a meeting with indigenous communities In the North American country, after it became known that hundreds of Aboriginal children she was buried in two courtyards Christian schools Residential from the late nineteenth century to the seventies.

According to the Canadian authorities, while one school found more than 600 graves the palace, in the other approximately 215 corpses.

At the time, more than 150,000 Aboriginal children were forced to attend government-funded Christian boarding schools, with the sole aim of integrating them into the new Canadian society, in an attempt to keep them out of their schools. traditional culture And ancestral languages.

However, thousands of children died of the disease, while others did not return to their families.

When the news broke, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau He sent a letter to Pope Francis asking him to make an apology on behalf of all Catholics in Indigenous communities Canadians for past verbs.

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This same request was made in 2017, but the government did not receive any kind of response, leaving the government disappointed. Politician, who told the press that taking responsibility for past mistakes and asking for forgiveness is fundamental to Canadians’ values

Trudeau declared: “(The Church) does not show the leadership that is so frankly supposed to be at the center of our faith, forgiveness, responsibility, and recognition of the truth.”

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