The plant, flower and foliage sector is making its way to Europe

Doing business and recovering from the situation it faced during the year 2020 is the goal of 28 Costa Rican companies in the plant, flower and foliage sector, to participate in a European trade mission.

The virtual initiative started this week and will run until March 28th.

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During these weeks of the event, tropical flowers such as bird of paradise, gingerbread and heliconias are promoted; In addition to foliage, it enhances the supply of ornamental plants such as dracaenas, zamioculcas, and others.

“For a few months, ornamental plants have shown a recovery, and in January they closed at a growth rate of 21%, compared to the same month of the previous year. That is why we are encouraging this hypothetical task to complete more work, consolidate this recovery and translate it into more employment and well-being for the productive communities, Alvaro Pedra, Procomer’s export manager, said.

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In 2020, the plant, flower and foliage sector exported a total of $ 121 million, with the main destinations: the United States ($ 66 million), the Netherlands ($ 35 million), Belgium ($ 4 million), Germany ($ 2). 1 million) and Canada ($ 1.6 million).

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