The pilots of an Ethiopian Airlines plane fell asleep and passed by them | It happened in Ethiopia

the pilots from a plane Ethiopian Airlines is I fell asleep during the flight and missed their destination: woke up from the alarm when the autopilot decoded, According to what was reported by the portal on Thursday broadcast live.

according to Air HeraldAnd the The pilots of flight ET343, which was flying from Khartoum (Sudan) to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), fell asleep during the course they were taking last Monday on a Boeing 737-800, at an altitude of 37,000 feet, when they were supposed to The descent to Addis Ababa Bole Airport was to begin, in the Ethiopian capital.

Air traffic control attempted to contact the crew several times to no avail.. When decoding the autopilot, The alarm bell started to ring and the pilots woke up, who in the end They landed the plane, 25 minutes after the scheduled arrival time.

The impact of the Boeing flight with the pilots asleep.

What do the flight logs say?

Flight tracking showed that the aircraft exceeded the specified limit for the start of the landing and continued along the specified route, but without performing the corresponding maneuvers. When they exceeded the set point, the autopilot turned off, so the alarm sounded.

The pilots managed to maneuver the plane and Back on the road, to finally make a safe landing On the track, about half an hour after passing through. The direct flight Khartoum – Addis Ababa takes 1 hour 50 minutes. Passengers landed after flying about two and a half hours.

once fell, The plane remained on the ground for about two hours before departing for its next flight.

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According to the publication, in this case, the flight management system is configured to approach the airport without disembarking. The consequences could have been worse.

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