The picturesque city of Baja California Sur, where Bon Jovi shot one of his most famous album covers

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Many are unaware of the real existence of the city of San Antonio, in Baja California, but almost no one knows that the album cover photo was taken there. These days From Bon Jovi.

That was in 1995, when Mrs. Guadalupe was, one morning, a grocery store owner. “royalist, Greet the vocalist at his work John Bon Jovi, For a guitarist Phil xTo the drummer Tico Torres, To the keyboard player David Bryan And the bass player Hugh MacDonald.

Guadalupe provided breakfast and coffee for that group of rock band who were on the verge of establishing themselves as one of the most important groups. With this album they managed to sell more than 7 million copies.

Legend has it that the band was so fascinated by the city, as well as its culture and food, that they did not hesitate to take the famous photos that would make up the famous album.

These Days Album Cover
These Days Album Cover

In the pictures you can see the young musicians demonstrating naturally and one of them is holding beer in his hand. A sign that they were doing well on this side of the border.

However, on the back cover of Bon Jovi’s album He did not know Mexico, Well, despite the fact that all album details are specified in the credits (mixing in Los Angeles, digitizing in New York, recording in Nashville, Tennessee, New Jersey and Hollywood is mentioned), There is no indication of any place anywhere Iconic cover photo in San Antonio.

(Image: Facebook)
(Image: Facebook)

This is despite the fact that on the cover of the album there are more photos of places of Southern California: in one of them, one of the members reclines on a ramshackle car body; That photo was taken at El Triunfo.

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Finally there’s another photo of the whole band in a bar, which many claim to be all about Barrels Also in Baja California.

Photo of the band in Los Barriles
Photo of the band in Los Barriles

In an interview, Ms. Guadalupe confirmed that Bon Jovi himself sent her a copy of his album when it had just been released.

The band has sold over 130 million records worldwide.

it’s my lifeAnd the I live in prayer, bed of roses, you give love a bad name I will be there for you, They are some of his most famous songs

In 1995, the album This Days appeared, which was the group’s sixth studio recording. The album’s sound is akin to classic rock, with features mixed with pop rock.

The album achieved numerous sales in the United States, but where it was a real hit in Europe, Latin America, and Australia. In the United Kingdom it was well received and served as Bon Jovi to fill Wembley Stadium for three consecutive nights.

John Francis BongioviThe division commander turned 59 years old on March 2.

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