The PC version of Returnal officially appears on video, although its release is unknown

Housemarque was shown while GDC was running on PC amid rumors of it coming to PC.

Although many users have enjoyed back So far on PlayStation 5, a game Homesmark It could land on other platforms in the future. In fact, We’ve had clear clues for a while from the future PC version Through the Steam database, and on the same lines you can watch a video that has a lot to do with this.

There is no official confirmation that it has arrived on PCThis is part of the presentation given by the Finnish studio during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) which has a special The game appears to be running in its PC version. Everything is normal so far, because developments for consoles come straight from the PC and what artist Risto Jankkila and programmer Sharman Jagadeesan teaches is nothing more than particles, display effects, or plants.

However, Eurogamer journalist and member of the Digital Foundry Alex Battaglia To confirm This would confirm the presence of a copy close to the PCand many experts point out that debug commands and some items indicate that we are facing an exclusive version of this platform due to the experimentation of new performance improvement techniques that will not target the PS5.

Awaiting official confirmation of this long-awaited PC version (With the latest Sackboy game, you can also get a file), for now, the Housemarque title can only be played on the latest generation Sony console since 2021, when it was founded as One of the most unique games of the year Thanks for your suggestion roguelike with high production values.

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