The PC version of NBA 2K23 will be based on previous generation consoles, not PS5 or Xbox Series X

2K has announced that, for the third year in a row, it will re-adapt the PC version to the Xbox One and PS4 level.

A copy of computer From NBA 2K23 It will be the same that was made for the previous generation consoles.And the PS4 s Xbox One. It was confirmed 2 K in entry NBA 2K23 FAQ. The truth is that it will be The third time 2K do the same.

It’s a decision It brings a lot of controversy This divides society. On the one hand, PC games They won’t be able to experience the best version of NBA 2K23since this I’ll just focus in PS5 s Xbox Series X | s. However, they have confirmed that they will “in the future investigate” this possibility.

Among the answers to the questions are: “The focus was on ensuring that NBA 2K23 is optimized for new keyboards (PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X | S.), while ensuring that the experience remains fresh and innovative for players on other platforms. According to DSOG, this It’s the same phrase 2K . uses at the entrance NBA 2K22 FAQhe is called, They just changed 2 for 3.

the reason behind this controversy in requirements. 2K realizes that If they equate the PC version with current generation consoles, they will have to raise the requirementswhich leads to Not many people can play the game on their PC. This is the same thing that happened with FIFA 22 last year.

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