The parrots that inspired the movie “Rio” are back in Brazil

The The parrots that inspired the classic animated movie ‘Rio’ They came back to it Brazil 20 years after they were declared extinct in their environment. This was recently reported by a biologist Tom WhiteFrom US Fish and Wildlife Service.

in conversation with guardian, the specialist provided details of an international project to save these parrots (such as those in “Rio”). This type is actually called SPEXIt is called scientifically Cyanopsita spixii.

In fact, the man was a technical advisor to the rescue project. He noted that a month ago, eight samples were released in the Katenga region, a thorny jungle and jungle region in northeastern Brazil. Also, the last time a person was seen in their normal state was in 2000.

Is characterized by For its blue feathers and gray headThese parrots inspired the creation of Blue, the main character in the film “River”. Even this animated movie released in 2011 became a flag against the destruction of wildlife.