“The only power of an actor is to say yes or no to a movie.”

  • The actor is producing and starring in a Swedish film remake in which he plays a bitter and evil neighbor who ends up realizing the satisfaction that comes from helping others, sharing and feeling loved.

Tom Hanks is back. He never quite left, but the pandemic kept him away from the cameras for a while. He was one of the first Hollywood stars to catch COVID, when the health crisis had not yet set off alarm bells, and he was hospitalized for a few weeks. Maybe there we realized how big it is: If Tom Hanks is sick, we can all. Which is that the actor may be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but he’s always been close, like he’s a neighbor to us.

Precisely now he takes on this role, the role of the neighbor, in his new film, but not the one we expected, kind and generous, but despicable, obsessed and lacking. The person you’d better not ask if they can leave a few eggs or a little salt, the person who drives you crazy every time you meet them and doesn’t welcome you. But there is a trick because it is actually just a facade. His character, Otto, has lost his wife and feels very lonely and lost, which is why he pays for it with others.

The translator watched the Swedish movie “a man called Ove”, by Hannes Holm, based on the novel by Frederick Bachman and fell in love with the character. Why not move the story to the United States? His enthusiasm for the project was such that he decided to produce it. So he visited our country to promote the film, accompanied by the director Mark Foster And the Mexican actress Maria Trevinowhich, on its merits, becomes one of the revelations thanks to its charm and self-confidence.

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The worst neighbors in the world He talks about the feeling of society in the face of isolation, something that, after the epidemic, takes on a special meaning. It is also about speculation, and how real estate groups take advantage of the elderly and disadvantaged people to get their properties. And of course how The neighborhood community can become a copy of the world in which we live, diverse, plural and inclusive, or also a place where all kinds of conflicts arise.. “What I like about this movie is that you think you are going to watch the story of a sullen man and suddenly he talks to you about many other things, prejudices, loneliness, loss, whether you embrace difference or not,” the actor recounted during his visit to Madrid.I don’t think movies can change the world or people’s opinion, but I do think it’s important that they bring a new sensibility to the society we live in.& rdquo;.

Tom Hanks has always loved keeping a low profile in Hollywood. He’s not a controversial boyfriend, he’s been married to Rita Wilson since the 1980s and has two children with her (in addition to two other children from his previous relationship), including Hanks Truman, who first appears on screen accurately playing his father (Otto’s character) in the past. So, since the whole family is involved (his wife is also a producer), it can be said The worst neighbors in the world Measured for Hanks, in a log within his comfort zone, far from kamikaze hazards like the ones he’s taken on lately. “Elvis” He embodies the hideous Colonel Tom Parker. “Sometimes I like to hide behind a mask, like I’m Frankenstein,” he says.

He recently surprised people in an interview with People magazine, stating that he considered he had only done four good movies in his life. When asked about them, he replied: It is a mystery. “The internet always throws things out of whack. I’d joke, I think I’ve made more than four good movies,” he jokes now.

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Everyone can keep their favourites, but the truth is, the list of contemporary classics is overwhelming: Who ‘big’ a Something to rememberFrom Philadelphia a ‘forrest gump’From ‘Saving Private Ryan’ a ‘forsaken’. Not forgetting Woody’s voice ‘toy story’,green mileAnd the The road to perdition“, ‘Catch me if you can’ As for ‘Captain Phillips. “When I was young, I answered yes to anything, but there came a time when I asked myself, Why am I doing this? What am I doing? I have always wanted to choose to expand my horizons and my abilities and wonder if I am kidding myself. But in the end it all comes down to accepting the responsibility of my profession and that it is part It’s a collaborative process, which is filmmaking.The goal is to be part of a creative alliance. The only power an actor has is to say yes or no to a project. And sometimes it is very difficult to refuse, but then you learn how important it is.

So how did Tom Hanks manage to create such an impressive legacy as an actor? Knowing you have to say no. You never know if a movie will pass the twenty-year test, even if it was successful in its day, he adds. The important movies are the ones that don’t have an expiration date.”

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