The Omega X Swatch Collection has arrived in Alto Palermo

Last Saturday, April 15th, the famous Swiss watch brand pregnant Launched its new collection “MoonSwatch” for sale in Buenos Aires, in collaboration with Omega, one of the most important syndicates in recent years.

Omega x Swatch has created a worldwide buzz, and now Buenos Aires fans have also joined in the excitement to get their hands on theirs.

The collection is not available online and only available in physical stores, handpicked by the brand. Which is why this version has, once again, been all the rage in Buenos Aires.

The wait for the purchase of Omega x Swatch watches began very early in the morning, and fans of both brands gathered outside the store in a huge line to make sure that they were the first to get one of these coveted watches. Customers who waited patiently were rewarded with hot coffee and cake.

Excitement and anticipation was clearly in the air, with many fans expressing their excitement. As the day progressed, the line continued to grow, testifying to the huge demand and buzz that the Omega x Swatch collection was creating in the federal capital.

The hottest celebrities in the country were also part of this amazing launch, Marcelo Tinelli, Wanda Nara, Benjamin Vicuña, Mika Tinelli, Cal Ruggieri, Sophie Gogoi, Meri del Cerro, Franco Masini, Lizardo Pons, Stephanie Demneramong other well-known personalities from the world of entertainment were present on Saturday morning, as soon as the mall opened its doors.

About MoonSwatch Group

MoonSwatch is a combination of a professional Omega Speedmaster design, known as the Moonwatch for its role on NASA’s Apollo space mission, with a Bioceramic colored by pregnantA proprietary blend of 2/3 ceramic and 1/3 environmentally sourced material.

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The collection consists of 11 unique watches inspired by the planets and the solar system: Mission to the Sun, Mission to Mercury, Mission to Venus, Mission to Earth, Mission to the Moon, Mission to Mars, Mission to Jupiter, Mission to Saturn, Mission to Uranus, Mission to Neptune, and Mission to Pluto.

Swatch has officially announced that this collection is not available online and it is not a limited edition either.

From April 15, the MoonSwatch is available for sale at the Swatch Store in Alto Palermo Shopping, which along with Swatch Unicenter are the only two stores where the collection is available in Argentina.

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