The number of deaths from tornadoes in the United States rose to 29, and thousands of homes were destroyed Seven affected countries

at least 29 people died For the strong Tornadoes This skin midwestern and southern United States, leaving thousands of Destroyed homess, tens of thousands of homes without electricity and even caused cCeiling collapse of the banquet hall.

he The exact number of deaths is not known and could rise in the coming days. Emergency services from hard-hit countries take to the streets to assess damage and find survivors, sometimes even going from house to house.

So far, local authorities have confirmed 12 deaths in Tennessee, five in Arkansas, five in Indiana, four in Illinois, one in Alabama, one in Mississippi and one in Delaware.

Joe Biden announced to help those affected

In the face of the devastating impact of hurricanes, US President Joe Biden Announce this Sunday The federal government will provide assistance to the states This is necessary to meet immediate needs and to aid in long-term reconstruction efforts.

The president promised: “There is nothing we can do to fill the void left in the hearts of the many families who lost loved ones this weekend, but we will be by their side every step of the way as they recover.” statement.

Biden has already declared a state of emergency in Arkansas so that state authorities can access federal government resources.

next to, The president spoke on the phone this weekend with the governor of ArkansasSarah Huckabee Sanders, and with the mayors of Little Rock, Frank Scott Jr., and Wayne, Jennifer Hobbs, who represent two of the Arkansas cities most affected by the hurricanes, the White House said in a statement.

As Biden spoke on the phone with the governor of Illinois, Jay Robert “JP” Pritzker with a governor DelawareJohn Carney to inform them that their government will assist them in whatever is necessary, the White House added.

When the hurricanes came

the Tornadoeswhich hit the Midwest and southern United States on Friday night, left a trail of Destruction by uprooting trees and electricity poles from the groundAs well as destroyed homes that have turned into piles of rubble.

FEMA Administrator Dean Creswell, who is coordinating the federal response to the disaster, toured these two Arkansas municipalities Sunday to assess the damage and promise that the federal emergency services will assist with rescue and cleanup work. .

“We know it takes all levels of government, including volunteers, to stop devastation like we witnessed today,” Creswell said in a Twitter message on Sunday.

The storm continues its journey to the northeast

in the last few hours The storm has moved to the northeastern United States. The area around the town of Bridgeville (Delaware) was hit hard, as police found a lifeless person Saturday night in a home particularly damaged by the storm, state police said.

According to the US National Weather Service, LStorms may continue through the next week And it hit hard again on Tuesday the same Midwestern and southern states that have been in chaos in recent hours.

In addition, there is a risk of severe storms with lightning Sunday in northeastern Texas, including the city of Dallas.

All told, the tornadoes knocked out power to 75,000 homes in Pennsylvania on Sunday, another 45,000 in Ohio and more than 21,000 in Arkansas, some of the states hardest hit by the strong winds, according to data from the monitoring website. this service.

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