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The world’s 50 most profitable athletes have been announced, out of the 7,000 athletes analyzed

currently, Being an excellent athlete on the field of play is not enough to sponsor companies and connect with fans; Speaking off the field is equally important for sponsors to give athletes a vote of confidence.

The world’s 50 most profitable athletes (out of 7,000 analyzed athletes) have been declared based on the following criteria::

• Social media performance metrics: total shares, reach and engagement

• Audience metrics: audience type and affinityنسبة

Both categories are intrinsically related to interaction with fans.. The relevance they bring to society and the reasons they advocate outside the playing field. Under this content, ten of the most commercial athletes were included, led by American gymnast Simone Biles.

1. Simone Biles, gymnast, United States

2 – Naomi Osaka, tennis player, Japan *

3. Ashlyn Harris, soccer player, United States

4. Saul Alvarez, boxer, Mexico

5. Paulo Dybala, footballer, Argentina

6. Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal footballer

7. Ali Krieger, football player, United States

8. Stefano Tsitsipas, tennis player, Greece

9. Novak Djokovic, tennis player, Serbia

10. Alex Morgan, football player, United States

*The highest paid athlete in history

According to consulting firm Nielsen, by 2023, Publications on athletes’ rights and responsible practices are valued in the media at $1.2 billion.

Triumph and social benefits as a determining factor.

Both brands and fans strive to have their idols, or at least the closest thing to role models, characters who transcend and beyond the field of play. And as a plus, that they have similar beliefs, and that there is a convergence of ideas among the fans who are nurtured by the sponsors.

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If we analyze the case of Biles, the Olympic medalist and number one in the list of the most commercial athletes, in the latest edition of the Olympics, he appealed to an important component: mental health; His words “we have to protect our minds and our bodies” won out over the companies and people who today prioritize this aspect as the cornerstone of their on-pitch performance.

add to that, Simone Biles is an accomplished person in her specialty and complements her leadership qualities, making her the perfect spokesperson in pursuit of a common good such as mental health; Project the image of security by accepting that, most likely, we should all pay attention to it.

The rest of the athletes on the list, with the support of social networks, influence the community that follows them on the digital spectrum in a different way, style and personality.

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