The northwestern United States and parts of Canada will experience another river in the atmosphere on Thanksgiving Day

A second river in the atmosphere will hit the United States and Canada this week.

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After a few days of no news of the atmosphere, the northwest region of The United States and part of Canada are preparing for the arrival of another river in the atmosphere That would bring rain, floods, and overflowing rivers to the area right from Thanksgiving through the weekend. The rains have devastated parts of British Columbia and Washington for days, killing many people.

While it is true that the West Coast is still experiencing a severe drought according to the US Drought Monitor, a week ago the rains were torrential and overflowing in rivers and wreaking havoc in British Columbia. In fact, the Prime Minister of the entity, John Horgan, has decreed a state of emergency due to disasters caused by the rainfall. Currently the authorities They are rebuilding dams to prevent further destruction this week.

Despite the fact that September and October were rather wet months for that region of the United States and Canada, the truth is that November far exceeds the normal levels of the seasonAccording to AccuWeahter.

“Seattle has recorded 8.40 inches of rain so far in November, which is 174% more than normal through November 23 as normal,” AccuWeather’s Alyssa Smithmeier said. It also indicated that British Columbia received continuous rain in 19 days from the 24 days through NovemberWith more later this week.

Forecasters also warned that heavy rain would begin Thursday in Seattle, northeastern Washington and all over southwestern British Columbia, The same areas affected by rain only a week ago.

Heavy rain is expected to subside Friday night, but another, milder storm is expected to continue to leave some rain in the Canadian northwest. Then the first week of December is expected to be drier and cooler.

Given that the west coast of the United States continues to be very dry and needs more rain, and less rainfall in the north It would mean good news for that flooded area.

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