The Nicaraguan opposition denounced the arrest of former Foreign Minister Francisco Aguirre by the Ortega regime

Former Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Francisco Aguirre-Sacasa

The opposition Blue and White national unity denounced on Thursday the arrest of former Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Francisco Aguirre-Sacasa.Amid a wave of arrests against dissident leaders, leaders and professionals, less than four months before the elections, in which the country’s dictator Sandinista Daniel Ortega seeks re-election again.

“We condemn the kidnapping of former Foreign Minister Francisco Aguirre-Sacasa, who was unjustifiably detained by the police, in the application of the unconstitutional law No. 1055. No more political prisoners in Nicaragua, freedom for him and more than 140 kidnapped”National Unity signaled through its social networks.

Hours after filing the complaint, the Public Prosecution confirmed his arrest and that he would remain in detention for at least 90 days while being investigated for alleged treason.

In addition to, The Public Prosecutor’s Office indicated that it submitted a request today to hold a special session on constitutional guarantees to request an extension of the investigation and judicial detention period against the former foreign minister.Which was admitted by the judge, who in turn issued a 90-day pretrial detention.

According to the Ministry of Public Affairs, Aguirre-Sacasa is under investigation by the National Police “for evidence that he attacked Nicaraguan society and the rights of the people” and that he committed “acts that undermine the independence, sovereignty and –” of Nicaragua.

“He publicly incited foreign interference in the internal affairs of various forums, and suggested a siege of the country and its institutions.”He completed.

Similarly, “the government celebrated the imposition of sanctions on the nation of Nicaragua and its citizens.”

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The National Police, which launched an investigation last Tuesday against the former foreign minister for “treason against the homeland”, continued not to confirm his arrest, but Aguirre-Sacasa’s relatives confirmed his arrest.

Nicaragua's dictator Daniel Ortega
Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega

The police, who did not identify Aguirre-Sacasa’s alleged crime, establish their investigation by citing the Law on Defending the Rights of the People to Independence, Sovereignty and Self-Determination for Peace, which the National Assembly urgently approved, with the Sandinista majority, last December.

This controversial law, promoted by the executive branch, lists “traitors to the homeland” and disqualifies them from running for public office.

Purgatory was self-censored

Aguirre-Sacasa, who was also Nicaragua’s ambassador to the United States during the Arnoldo Alemán administration (1997-2002), has refrained from making public statements about the situation in Nicaragua since police implicated him in a case involving the theft of bronze bells.

The former Nicaraguan foreign minister, who was a World Bank official, has an open case over the alleged theft of two ancient bronze bells in a diocese in the colonial (Pacific) city of Granada, which he was to buy from suspects.

Former Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Francisco Aguirre-Sacasa (1997-2002),
Former Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Francisco Aguirre-Sacasa (1997-2002),

On that occasion, Aguirre-Sacasa was shown in front of the official media with handcuffs, but the police have not presented him now, as happened with the rest of the people who were investigated and why their relatives considered them “disappeared”.

As part of the electoral process, the Nicaraguan authorities have arrested opposition presidential candidates Cristiana Chamorro, Arturo Cruz, Felix Maradiaga, Juan Sebastian Chamorro, Miguel Mora, Medardo Marina and Noel Fedori, who are also under investigation for alleged treason.

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In addition, two former Vice Chancellors, two historical opponents of former Sandinista fighters, a business leader, a banker, a former First Lady, six opposition leaders, two student leaders, two peasant leaders, a political scientist and a specialist in political and electoral affairs. Systems, journalist, commentator, former NGO worker and driver from Christiana Chamorro.

In the November elections, Ortega will play 42 years of almost complete precedence over politics in Nicaragua.

If he achieves re-election for the third time in a row, Ortega will secure 20 consecutive years of rule and 31 years including 11 years of the first revolutionary phase (1979-1990).

(With information from EFE)

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