The new WhatsApp function that will revolutionize the application: what is this resounding change

The messaging app will add a new update that will allow you to reply to statuses. Look.

The WhatsApp It keeps adding new features to its app in order to improve the user experience and continue to be the leading messaging app worldwide. In the last few hours, he announced a change that will completely revolutionize the app. I know what it is and how it will work.

The new WhatsApp feature that will revolutionize the app: What is it about?

It turns out that the app that belongs to the Meta soon You will have the option to reply to WhatsApp statuses, something similar to what can be done on Instagram with Stories. Without a doubt, this will completely revolutionize the application.

However, it must be clarified So far, it only works with WhatsApp Beta devices that have update 2.2240.1.0, But they hope to apply it to everyone soon. In addition, another test that they are running in parallel with this new tool is New home design, including app sidebar, where users can access status, settings, and profile updates.

The WhatsApp

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