The new System Shock re-release trailer reminds us why the game it brought back was so great

Nightdive Studios is keeping the release date of this much-anticipated new release a secret.

Finally, we have the long awaited news System Shock Editionwhich was present at the PC Game Show with a perfect new promo to see what the return of this legendary game you created is. Looking for Glass Studios. We are excited to see how well the restoration work they have carried out Nightdive Studioswhich – which It wasn’t easy these years.

The game has been practically completed, and is now in the polishing stageThis trailer has a little bit of everything: there’s action, there are moments of horror, mystery, and stealth…and of course there’s the creepy backdrop. Shodanthe artificial intelligence that torments us in this and unforgettable system shock 2. It’s been 30 years and the game conveys those good feelings that surprised us back in the day. In addition, after its turbulent development, it is practically complete.

“You can play from start to finish, all the weapons and enemies are there and working,” said one of those responsible for the project. “What’s left to do is what’s called ‘polishing,'” adds Larry Cooperman. “Our goal is for the final version to be as close to perfect as possible.” So, for now, the Nightdive Studios team is staying put and leaving us behind. No release date Specifically for system shock.

Legendary Warren Spector talks

In addition to the promotion, the PC game show had another surprise in store. The person who was one of the fathers of the original shock system, as well as other classics such as Don’t forget deus ex, a few words to remember the more than 30 years that have passed since the premiere of the classic. And one of the most interesting details that Warren Spector shared leaves us talking about Shodan.

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I’ve worked on many games that have a predictive quality that I can’t imagineWarren Spector“Shodan looks very close to reality at the moment.” Nightdive has advised on the development of this new version since the beginning of the project, Spector added: “I’ve worked on many games that have Prediction quality I never imaginedSystem shock is one of them. In my view, Shodan is right around the corner,” Warren Spector adds; I just hope his look isn’t as annoying as the one he showed up in 1994.”

The creative veteran lamented that few players except for most veterans and some are aware of the importance and “impact” of System Shock in many other games. Despite everything, he is very proud of the impact she has had even without successful sales.

Most likely at this point you are wondering, what about System Shock 3? Unfortunately, Warren Spector has not commented. Last we heard, the game lost its product in 2019 and Your future depends on Tencent.

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