The new game from the creator of Stardew Valley is made “almost from scratch” and will focus on combat

Haunted Chocolatier has its own system for these encounters, with the ability to block attacks.

Ten days ago, Eric Barron presented with a trailer your new game, haunted chocolateNice suggestion about running a chocolate company. Of course, staying there is disrespecting the Creator Stardu Valley Since, like this title, it will start from a simple premise but will offer a mysterious atmosphere and many role-playing elements.

One of the most striking things is combat system Concerned by ConcernedApe (the name by which Baron is known) in New Post on your blog. He wanted to insist on this aspect because it ensured that, unlike the previous installment, it would turn out to be very important and meant to be entertaining enough to catch us.

“The Haunted Chocolatier focuses more on combat, so it should be very fun, satisfying and engaging, and at the same time fits in perfectly with the other elements. You can be sure I’m not copying and pasting a Stardew fight. Quite the contrary, Almost everything, including combat, has been designed and drawn from scratch‘, he comments.

Attacks can be repelled, causing the enemy to be stunnedEric BaronAlso, the game includes the possibility Shield attacksAnd also shock enemies to gain an advantage in a one-on-one confrontation. “Many attacks can be repelled with a shield,” he explains. “In most cases, repelling an attack leaves the enemy stunned. And while the enemy is stunned, you can attack them faster.”

Haunted Chocolatier doesn’t have a stable release window yet, as its developer has repeatedly stated that it needs a lot of work. In addition to resolving doubts and letting us know the news, we know it’s also late Other games we don’t know, so determining an approximate release date is more complicated.

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