The new event is filed in May 2024

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the Camelopardalid meteor shower It is an unusual phenomenon because of its recentness, and unlike other similar and well-known events, it is a relatively recent phenomenon for night observers.

Camelopardalid star shower: the new event that bids farewell in May 2024

the Meteor shower Camelopardalidas is a unique opportunity to marvel at the immensity of the universe. This event with Meteors Unique and of great beauty, it will undoubtedly be an unforgettable memory for those who have the opportunity to view it.

  • Only in 2009 was it discovered that this phenomenon was the result of the release of dust from comet 2004 TG10.
  • the Meteor shower Camelopardalids can be seen from the entire Northern Hemisphere and part of the Southern Hemisphere
  • And its radiance, i.e. the point in the sky from which it comes MeteorsIt is located in the Camelopardalis constellation, near the star Beta Camelopardalis
  • It has a maximum point of 200 Meteors per hour, rivaling even Perseids, one of the most popular shows of the year
  • this Meteor shower It began at the end of April and has a large extension, and ends at the beginning of June 2024
  • Best time to observe Meteor shower Camelopardalidas will be during Night from 29 to 30 MayEspecially between 11:00 PM and 2:00 AM.

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Meteor shower constellation Camelopardalidae.camelopardalis.jpg

This meteor shower comes from the Camelopardalis constellation

This meteor shower comes from the Camelopardalis constellation

Camelopardalid star shower: recommendations for seeing the event that bids farewell to May 2024

Here are some recommendations to enjoy Meteor shower Camelopardalidas in all its splendor.

  • The perfect thing to monitor a Meteor shower Lying on a blanket or lounge chair
  • The eyes must be allowed to adapt to the dark
  • It often cannot be seen Meteors All the time, so it's best to be patient
  • Look in all directions as well Meteors They can appear anywhere in the sky, not just in their radiation sector
  • Turn off your cell phone because the light from screens can affect your night vision.
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