The new black comedy on Netflix

Don’t worry, I take care of you. Photo: Netflix.

Don’t worry, I take care of you (I care a lotA film directed by J Blakeson That just landed in the catalog Netflix. It is a UK-made movie that develops drama with shades of black comedy and where the cruelty of its characters stands as the sexiest aspect of the story.

Casting stars of stature Rosamund PikeAnd the Peter Dinklage s Iza GonzalezHer official summary reads as follows: “An unscrupulous woman is using her role as a teacher to get rid of the elderly who must take care of them. But her last client is not what it seems.”

So far, the feature film has garnered mainly positive reviews from the commercial press for its insightful script and Paik’s excellent performance as an irresistible anti-hero. For example, I mentioned The Hollywood Reporter in Your review From the movie: “Marla could be the perfect villain of the Trump era (…) she offers unquestionable pleasures.”

Don’t worry, I take care of you. Photo: Netflix.

Likewise, Collider In Your analysis Sometimes the best way to look at the ugliness of the world is through an elegant and sarcastic lens. This is what Blackson offers us. Although, on the contrary, those who criticized this work accuse him of introducing too much morality into a plot.

Don’t worry, I take care of you This kind of work does not leave its viewers indifferent and addresses uncomfortable issues that unleash controversy that later ends up resonating on social networks.

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