The new Android TV update: How to get it and what are its improvements

Philips TV with Android TV updates the software. (Photo: AppsProBox)

For those who have Television the Android TV devices They should realize that google browser Make the latest version of the operating system available Android 12 for TV, which will reach all users gradually, with experience improvements.

Android TV It is the operating system designed for smart TVs which, after the launch of Android 12 for mobile phones in October, this version is available to users Developers They can test and modify their apps before the public release.

After reaching users in the US, other regions can start doing the relevant update that promises to make their devices have similar controls to those in the US. Google TV and 4K definition.

For those who are not familiar with device update Or not sure how to give Development Here are some simple steps you can take to make this happen on your TV.

Google TV co-streaming platforms and recommendations (Image: Europa Press)
Google TV co-streaming platforms and recommendations (Image: Europa Press)

It should be noted first that, according to Flatpanels HD Only users with TV models and decoders Android TV After 2017 they will be able to perform the update. Among some of the brands that may have version 3.0 of the player are Sony, Philips, Sony, TLC, Xiaomi, Nvidia Shield or Xiaomi Mi Box S.

Attention, since it is a newer version of the launcher, it is possible that the update will take place on its own without you having to do any action, so you can check its current state in the settings.

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If it is not yet updated, you can try to do it manually. For this you must enter Play Store And look for the new version, once you find it select the download option and the system will do the rest.

Since it is an update that will arrive gradually, it may not be available in your region yet, so in this case you will have to wait a little longer. Unfortunately, Google does not have specific arrival dates, so it is not known when you might arrive where you live.

Android TV updates (Photo: ElOutPut)
Android TV updates (Photo: ElOutPut)

With the availability of the new version, you will find that a file user interface It is similar to that of Google TV. Now the tabs are located at the top which makes the navigation more clear and dynamic. However, it does not offer options available in Google TV.

As for the improvements in HDMI support and tuners, this new version of Android for Smart TVs debuts in Compatibility with HDMI CEC 2.0 and Tuner Hal 1.1 With DTMB support and performance improvements, as well as protection with tuner service.

Another point to consider is that the version Android 12 With some system tests that is why the update may take longer for all users. However, we leave other news for you.

Other changes introduced by Android TV focus on Privacy, Two new sections have been included in the device settings: camera and microphone. If the TV has one or both of these devices, access can be blocked from the settings. As long as access to the camera or microphone is allowed, the user will be notified each time it works. This alert will be placed in the upper right part of the screen, as is already the case with Android smartphones.

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