The Netherlands: There are already 41 children of a gynecologist who deceived his patients and inoculated them with their own sperm

Brussels (ANSA). – that Gus Beck, a gynecologist in Leiddorp, has given birth to at least 41 children who secretly use his sperm during fertility treatments provided to their patients. This is backed up by new research he posted NLLTimes. Previously, it was believed that Beck had “only” 21 children.

The The study also revealed that the gynecologist was a carrier of a rare genetic conditionwhich in some cases can have serious consequences (Two children died shortly after birth.)

beck, who died in 2019, worked at the former St Elisabeth Hospital in Lieddorpwhich later became part of the Rhina Zurgruppe Medical Complex.

Institute request a An independent commission headed by Professor Diddy Pratt to investigate Beck after last year21 people delivered from hospital-delivered treatments with DNA tests matching those of a gynecologist.

The eldest son (known) was born in 1975, the youngest was born in 1990Pratt said. The women treated by Beck requested to be inseminated with sperm from an anonymous donor.

On the other hand, the gynecologist, He used his own sperm without telling them anything. The investigators could not find traces of the donors, This suggests that Beck was the only sperm donor in his study.

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