The Navy participated in a cross-regional information exchange exercise

BUENOS AIRES – The Argentine Navy, through the Naval Maritime Transport Command, participated last week in the T-RISE 2022/1 exercise with information sharing with the Italian Navy, participating members of the Mediterranean Community (WMC) and across the territory. Marine Network (T-NMR).

The objective of the T-RISE 22 exercises is to enhance cooperation at the trans-regional level through the use of existing regional information exchange systems, such as the Virtual Regional Maritime Traffic Center (V-RMTC) of the Naval Operations Center Rome (Italy), SISTRAM (Brazil), OASIS (Singapore), and others join T-NMR.

The exercise activities focus on interactions between the respective Maritime Operations Centers (MOCs), optimization and testing of systems interoperability and the process of information exchange, in order to develop effective maritime situational awareness (MDA).

Cross-regional information exchange exercises focus on maritime traffic, taking into account major challenges and international security risks and the need to improve maritime security in terms of freedom of navigation; monitoring and protection of sea lines of communication; and data exchange information at the international level.

Through the system, selected unclassified information related to maritime transport – greater than 300 tons – can be shared between participants.

The T-NMR model has become a true model for the exchange of naval motion data, as it transmits a single, recognizable image in nearly real time, to all participating navies within the community. It is currently incorporated by the navies of Argentina, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, Ecuador, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, and Peru.

The system has proven, over the years, to be an effective tool, with improved maritime situational awareness, it also enhances mutual trust, builds trust between members and allows for the creation of coordinated missions.

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