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The T-MEC trade agreement, which the Mexican government signed with its counterparts from the United States and Canada “can be used to negotiate with the heads of the two governments to create a regional economic front, given international scenarios and China’s economic progress.”

It is not about selling cheap labor. It is about sharing technology, so that our country can compete. This requires labor resources not only for Mexicans, but at the same time to repair the influx of Central America and Latin America. It is the exchange of access to technology to revitalize production chains.

This was stated by the National Front for Immigrants (FNI), which has a presence in Texas, California, Washington, New York and Illinois, representing more than 600,000 citizens of the United States, in a letter submitted to the consulate. General from Mexico in Chicago, headed by diplomat Reina Torres Mendville, to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Through his leader, Carlos Aranjo, he notes that “it is strange, after President Lopez Obrador’s first meeting with his counterpart, Joe Biden, that you offered him the” Brasero Program “.

“At first it seemed like an insult and an unnecessary show, because it was the most brutal program in the history of our countries, because at that time, there was no government responsible for our people.”

He points out: “In the context of the immigration crisis that we are witnessing, the catastrophic effects of the epidemic, and the movement of Central Americans and Mexicans, there are other ways to solve this problem, since the new bilateral policy that Biden is undoubtedly sponsors, is the opening and he wishes to arrange the situation of the agricultural sector and the dreamers or dreamers.”

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They remind you that in my first “friendly conversation with President Biden, I expressed the need to develop 6 sectors within the productive chains: public health, defense, biosynthesis, technology and information, transportation and food.”

In the letter, they emphasize: “It is about exchanging access to technology to activate production chains, which is very simple to balance unequal economies, because we are facing a reality: The United States has the technology and the monetary system. But we have the manpower and the raw materials.”

The FNI admits: “We know it won’t be easy to negotiate with our giant neighbor, but the United States has no alternative either, given the physical geography, economic crisis, and social outbreak of undocumented immigrants; but with goodwill you can. We believe in you, your perseverance and your political ability.”

Peaceful protest

They told him in the letter that the National Front for Immigrants, as well as several pro-immigrant organizations across the American Federation, on April 30 and May 1, will peacefully demonstrate “in order to legitimize all unregistered brothers currently living in the state.” Immigration within the United States. “

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They are also asking for your dialogue to call for the legalization of the full rights of Mexican workers and their families, because the prevailing political conditions will benefit both countries, being an integral part of the bilateral agenda.

“We deliver this letter to the Consulate General in Chicago so it can be sent to President Lopez Obrador via the diplomatic pouch. It’s an urgent call to legalize the immigration of 11 million undocumented people. Biden is ready for the process of legalization, but we know there are many lawmakers who are against this.” Procedure, “Carlos Aranjo confirmed in an interview with El Sol de México.

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This letter was also signed by Commander Arango, Erasmo Salgado, Antonia Salinas, Gabi Hernandez Chico, Diana Reyes, Giovanni Santiago Moreno, Elizabeth Juarez, Hector de Alpha, Lourdes Espinosa, Juan Matos, Luis Narvaez, Manuel Santamaría, Maria Perez, Oscar . Telez, Omar Lopez, Sandy Chorinho, Ramiro Gonzalez, Sari Vasquez and Guillermo Gomez.

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