The mystery of the “cabin” on the moon: the space virus that ended in disappointment

the Rover Yuto 2, a Chinese space exploration vehicle designed to move on certain surfaces, depicts something strange in LunaIn the early days of December. Asian unity was exploring cráter from Kerman And the discovery of an abnormal object on the horizon. Remarkably, it looked like an object in the form of a giant cube, so it did not take long for users of social networks to establish the theory that it was an amphitheater.

The photo taken by Yutu 2 went viral because the above mentioned object can be seen in it. While the subjectivity of Internet users increased the tale that it is restricted. More so when The China National Space Administration has reinforced these theories Without any strong argument.

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The Asian Body Awareness Program referred to bloating and also recognized it as a mysterious hut. Given that, the comments full of sarcasm didn’t take long to arrive: “Was it a house built by aliens after the plane landed?“One user said and another added”Or is it the pioneer spacecraft of their ancestors to explore the moon? ” Although we now know it’s none of these conspiratorial choices.

solve the puzzle

“Oh, that’s amazing. Almost crying. Our space just posted an update on Mystery Cabin and it’s so disappointing it’s great.” It is just a small rock on the edge of a crater that is now called “rabbit jade” for its appearance.Twitter account wrote, Tweet embed, which is run by the journalist in charge of monitoring Chinese space stationAnd Andrew Jones.

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The image showing a supposed hut, according to Chinese netizens and organizations. Photo: CNSA

“This thing has been compared, as a joke, to the CCTV shorts building, the Arc de Triomphe, McDonald’s and many more. But without reference points and the absence of an atmosphere on the Moon, it is very difficult to get an idea of ​​the distance or scale (this also applies to astronauts). ), the journalist added in a Twitter thread.

Then confirm how long they waited for the information to be updated: We’ve been waiting for this update for a whileAnd we were hoping for something after the end of the lunar day ~December 37. 10. But to be fair to our space, Updated during the current 38th lunar day. So thank you for that. Yutu-2, the leadership team, also covered a lot of ground in a relatively short time.”

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The surface of the moon is 38 million square kilometers of rocks Anything else could have been astronomically exceptional. But despite its small size, the jade rabbit rock would also be a great disappointment to some.” Close the thread referring to the puzzle created around the rock.

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