The movie “Creed III” flopped at the box office

He arrived, witnessed and destroyed. “Creed IIITook the box office the weekend of its release, bringing the first major Amazon commercial success to MGM that we can remember in a month, yet another heavyweight sports premiere as it is.airAfter all, unfortunately for both of them, no one seems to have missed Rocky or especially Sylvester Stallone…

Film collection with Michael B. million euros (in this case) in 340 cinemas, thus becoming the new indisputable holder of the champion’s belt.

As far as our country is concerned, film has replaced ‘mummies‘, which nevertheless achieved great maintenance and left only about 16% of its collection compared to the premiere last week, which has already exceeded 3 million euros in ten days. As with the boxing movie, word of mouth is great and points to similar success and plays out like boxing movies. Tadeo Jones.

How great is it to be “word of mouth” from “Ice BeastsYes, I know, we repeat ourselves. But the journey of this film distributed Let’s be remembered by an indie company that never ceases to amaze week after week. And he’s already 17. And he threatens to stay alive “Avatar: Water Sense‘ And ‘Puss in Boots: Last Wishtwo other films that have been playing for a few days at Christmas and have not yet left the house for Easter.

Another premiere that sneaks into the cover photo is “The Night’s Watch: They are heading to the Blacksmith’s Village, which has collected just over €300,000 in 212 theaters in Spain, which is just over $10 million in 1,753 theaters in the United States. Not bad for what is actually three episodes of a TV series … which, on the other hand, testifies, for the umpteenth time, that streaming platforms like Prime Video, Disney + or HBO Max have to open hell up once and for all. Watermelon to try to distribute some of his series in cinemas.

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Given the apparent success… how many people would pay so cheap to watch the final episode of the first season of ‘the last of us’ On the big screen, let’s say tonight from Sunday to Monday premiere? Possibly the best episode of ‘game of thrones’ The one that the server was able to see was not the last, coincidentally, that he was able to enjoy in the cinema thanks to Movistar Plus +? Yes, I know it’s Oscars night… but is anyone still watching the Oscars? Were Chris Rock and Will Smith invited back?

In any case. Finally, I would like to note that this weekend was also released in the US.Operation Fortune: The Great Hoax, the Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham movie that we got to see here at the beginning of the year as a gift from Kings. It aims for a box office of less than $3 million in 2,168 theaters. It feels like a failure…and it is. But it is that its distributor Lionsgate hasn’t really done anything for it. It’s possible that not even Ritchie and Statham themselves had heard of its North American release…

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