The most watched series on Netflix were also the most watched on all platforms

the The most watched series on Netflix For the fourth week in a row, she continues to delight the platform. And it is that this new success has not only succeeded in positioning itself as Sixth most played in history For the company since sharing data, but also has The series has surpassed the rest of the platforms In the first days of its release.

Talking of course about Night agent How could it be otherwise. We already told you before it was released that it was going to be the title you didn’t expect but would love and that it was going to be your new obsession, and it was like that for literally everyone.

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According to data provided and compiled by Nielsen diverseThe series stars Gabriel Basso and Lucien Buchanan accumulated in United States 2.604 million minutes It was shown between March 20th and 26th, although the episodes actually arrived on the 23rd, so that number was in just 3 days.

If we take into account netflix scalethis number should be multiplied by approximately 4, as it totals more than 168 million hours worldwide, i.e. It will be more than 10 billion From minutes and addition, since today they are More than 605 million of the hours achieved.

But even only with him Nielsen studyits success made it not only the most watched series on Netflix, which we already knew, but also Most viewed titles compared to other platforms in the United States. The top 10 was dominated by Reed Hastings’ stand, with 7 out of 10 of his original offerings, however Night agent even exceeded The Mandalorian from Disney+, Ted Lasso + Apple TV and Everyone loves Daisy Jones From Prime Video.

Not surprisingly, the company decided to renew it for a second season so quickly. Now we shall See if it stays in the top position after its first month, or if there is any other series that manages to get rid of it. At the moment it seems Diplomacy It has a lot vote to succeed her, Especially considering that it is a new political thriller that may be of great interest to fans Night agent. In a few days we will know.

Top 10 most watched according to Nielsen

  1. Night agent – 2.64 billion minutes
  2. Shadow and bones – 1,034 million
  3. The Mandalorian – 795 million
  4. Waco – 738 million
  5. love is blind – 691 million
  6. You – 579 million
  7. Ted Lasso – 568 million
  8. offshore banks – 556 million
  9. Gabby’s Dollhouse – 383 million
  10. Everyone loves Daisy Jones – 334 million
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