“The most satisfying thing is that the movie has been in theaters for 5 months.”

Movie director Fernando Leon de Aranoa Refer to the Tudela25 years after presenting his first work “Familia” with the film “good style”, he received six Goyas and was awarded the Castildetierra Prize.

Award 28th Tudela Spanish Film Festival The one that Leon de Aranoa combined with actors Almudena Amor and Manolo Solo is a tribute to the film, which was “always acclaimed”.

This is how the director explains it to Evie, and it is clear that “The most satisfying thing is that the movie has been in theaters for five monthsHe added, “This is the dream of any award-winning director who is still present in theaters.”

When it was first shown in San Sebastian Festivalit was an experiment with fire, and was warmly welcomed by the audience, as in the others International premieres As in Switzerland, Lisbon and the United States,” Leon de Aranoa stated.

about the truth Returning to Tudela after 25 years confirmed that she is ‘special’Although “one is not aware of the passage of time”. “It’s been half a life since I first came, and if it wasn’t for the pictures, you wouldn’t even realize it. The good thing about it is to keep the storytelling fun and continue to enjoy working alongside these good colleagues,” he said.

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