The most frequently asked question in the United States is about Spain

Curiosity about faraway places is common. now, with the search bar Google Always at handit is much easier to resolve small doubts that arise regarding countries or cultures that are completely different from our own. Any question we have we can find an answer in a few seconds Thanks to the World Wide Web.

there Some issues are more striking than others. Because of this, questions can be systematically repeated in the search engines of many people. This gives us an idea Distinctive features that attract the attention of others At the same time, it allows us to know which interests are dominant among those asking the questions.

With this in mind, Finance Blog CashNetUSA Did an investigation to find outWhat are Americans searching for most in every country in the world?. Politics, economics, culture, languages… Searches are different in every country. In case SpainThis is the most surprising feature.


Linguistic question

Neither gastronomy nor tourism nor politics nor economics. What Americans are most curious about is our way of speaking. The most asked question about our country is:Why are they bleating in Spain?(Why does Spain have a lisp?).

lisp that it consists of pronunciation of sounds And In the same wayCommon from southwestern Andalusia to western Almeria. Despite the fact that it is not characteristic of all Spaniards, Americans are amazed at this manner of speaking.

The question of languages ​​is also the most desirable of curiosities Portugal. By putting this country on the map next to ours, they are wondering Why don’t they speak Spanish? instead of, In Equatorial Guinea this language is spoken, which also surprises them. They even went so far as to Google this curious question: “Why does Montenegro have a Spanish name?“.

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It shows most of the American population in particular Interest in geopolitical issues. Thus, the most popular searches for the giant corporations that currently dominate the international arena are, precisely, in relation to strategic interests or their links to the United States.

In case Chinainquired about the conflict with Taiwan. Russia Interesting in Chernobyl and Ukraine about his intentions to join NATO.

The Spanish-speaking countries with which it shares the continent are also a source of interesting questions. Recent conflicts, economic issues, or cultural specifics These are some of the topics they search for on Google:

  • because Argentina I hate England
  • because Chili pepper Hate Maroon 5?
  • because Peru Do you have two flags?
  • because Mexico Celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
  • because Ecuador Do you use US dollars?
  • because Colombia Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in September?

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